Practical experience has shown that the client is better placed to plan the costs and programming of an external refurbishment project if a detailed survey of the building is undertaken at the pre-tender stage.

Triton offers a service that advises the client of the cause and extent of damage to the property, with a full report on the most appropriate methods of cleaning and repair, a planned programme of works and budget costs.

In addition to the standard pre-contract survey, Triton offers a range of non-destructive tests using the following techniques:

  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Ultrasonic Thermal Imaging
  • Metal Detector Survey using Protovale Imp

Where access is not available from a fixed scaffold or mobile platform, Triton will arrange a rope access survey, undertaken by suitably qualified and experienced Abseilers.

A standard building conservation specification will require the contractor to use materials for repairs that “closely match the existing”. Triton will identify, match and source replacement materials and undertake laboratory analysis of mortar, render and other materials when required.

Stone Library

For discerning specifiers, the Triton Building Stone Library is available for inspection at Triton’s head office in Wandsworth. This unique resource comprises samples of 140 different types of stone from established quarry suppliers, which are set out according to a simple geological classification of limestone, sandstone, granite and slate.

The stone samples are arranged by their geological age, producing a natural grouping of colours and textures that enables the specifier to easily compare materials from different quarries. The most suitable stone for restoration can be selected and architects are able to specify materials for use on new build projects.

The library also contains a range of sample Faience tiles supplied by the leading manufacturer of architectural ceramics in the UK.

To make an appointment to view the library, please contact us.

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