Gateways Estate
London SW3

The brickwork and artificial stone dressings of this very unusual Grade II listed ‘Arts and Craft’ style estate had not been cleaned since it was built in 1934. Thick layers of clinker had accumulated beneath the parapets and the brickwork, in general, was in a very dirty condition. One particular condition of the contract was that access should be made readily available to the occupants at all times. To achieve this, a rolling contract programme was devised, with the scaffolding being progressively shifted around the perimeter of the estate, as works to each section were completed. This had the advantage of minimising the potential security risk to the occupants, as well as reducing the overall access costs.

The cleaning of the buildings was firstly undertaken using fine nebulous water sprays and mild, dilute chemicals as necessary. One this was completed, a controlled low pressure abrasive system was used in isolated areas to remove stubborn dirt and deeply penetrating ivy suckers. To prevent reoccurrence of organic growth, the brickwork was treated with a proprietary biocide.

Repairs, in this instance, were only minor and entailed restoration of pre-cast stone details using a Portland stone mix, brick pointing and the reforming of the drip detail to the base of the special brick copings.

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