St John's Gate
London, EC1

The Grade I listed gatehouse, dated 1504, was originally built as the southern and main entrance to the Priory of Clerkenwell, the headquarters of the Order of St John in England, whose occupation of the site is traced back to 1140.

The original fabric is built from Wealden 'ragstone', with later Victorian repairs in limestone from Portland and Bath.

As main contractor, Triton implemented a conservative repair specification to the facade, with general maintenance works to the remainder of the building.

Of the stone components, only those in an advanced state of decay were replaced, including ashlar blocks, quoins, window dressings and moulded band courses. Of the three sample stones offered from the Triton Building Restoration Stone Library, Portland stone was specified to maintain continuity with existing repairs.

To conserve the remainder of the masonry, all hard cement ribbon pointing was carefully removed and replaced with an appropriate lime mortar and a shelter coat applied to deeply weathered blocks.

The main roof was recovered in sand cast lead to ensure the fabric of this scheduled monument was fully protected.

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