Barons Court Underground Station
London W14

Built in 1905, this Grade II listed station is one of several designed by the architect Harry W. Ford with unusually decorative parapets and moulded faience details in a variety of colour shades. In the 1980's it was poorly cleaned with hydrofluoric acid resulting in silica glaze being redeposited in streaks over both of the elevations.

To avoid the recurrence of this problem the client commissioned a specialist report on the cleaning of the building. After this had been implemented, the entire plinth section was replaced and the roof level balustrade and pediment carefully dismantled. With all of the blocks salvaged the costs and contract programme were considerably improved. Once masonry works were complete, a microcrystalline wax was applied to both resurface the original faience and to provide anti-graffiti protection.

To complement the finished appearance of the facades the remainder of the architectural features, including stained glass, oak joinery, terrazzo and York stone steps, were restored to match the original detail. In recognition of the quality of workmanship the station has been awarded the Ian Allen Heritage Award for best station in London.

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