Royal Memorial Chapel
Sandhurst Military Academy

The Royal Memorial Chapel at Sandhurst Military Academy is a hybrid structure, incorporating the original chapel of 1879 within a much larger design from 1919. Its characteristic features are the emboldened terracotta pediments, cornices and corbel brackets, which record the influence of both Italian and Byzantine styles.

Upon close inspection the red brickwork comprising the major part of the fabric was found to be in a relatively good condition, but the exposed terracotta had deteriorated considerably and lime, washed from the jointing mortar had recalcified on the bricks beneath the failed weathering details.

The brief from Sir Alexander Gibb and Partners was to complete the external restoration of the building in time for the Queen's parade. With a contract period of no longer than 10 months, the scheduling of the replacement terracotta required immediate attention.

After cleaning, all defective units were identified and those suitable for reuse set aside during the dismantling of the pediments, raking parapets and cornices. Incorporating new terracotta blocks to the value of £80,000, these were then rebuilt, with specially designed batten roll coping details to throw water back on to the main roof.

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