Mornington Crescent Underground Station
London NW1

This Grade II Listed building, dated 1907, is the fourth London Underground Station on which Triton have undertaken a comprehensive programme of specialist replacement, restoration and cleaning works.

The station had been closed for a period of several years, with resultant decay to the fabric, and the restoration of the facade was completed as part of a major programme of internal redevelopment and engineering works.

Immediately upon commencement of the contract, a detailed survey was undertaken and the client was advised of the scope of defective faience blocks. This ensured that the lead-in time for the manufacturing process could be phased into the original programme of works and delays to the specified contract period avoided.

Once the faience had been gently cleaned with water and a mild detergent to prevent damage to the glaze, cutting out of defective blocks and pointing was undertaken. Cracks and holes to the remaining units were then repaired with a matching mortar developed by Triton Building Restoration.

All new green, ruby and white tiles and plain and moulded architrave blocks were then carefully reinstated prior to the complete repointing of both facades. Upon completion of the faience restoration, lead gutters and detailing to the roof were completely renewed.

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