Hampstead Cemetery
Fortune Green Road, London NW6

A comprehensive programme of new masonry, restoration and stone cleaning works was undertaken to a wide variety of listed structures in this historic cemetery, including the Lodge, two Chapels and the Bianchi tomb.

To the main entrance, the existing curved Kentish Ragstone wall was dismantled and rebuilt to a new radius, with the provision of new Bath stone copings and four large ornamented gate piers.

All minor in situ repairs were carried out using a lime based mortar, defective masonry was replaced using matching Bath stone and new Ragstone was used to built a new extension to the front of the building. Essential masonry works to the Chapels included the dismantling and reconstruction of the top 14 courses of the spire and the replacement of various moulded sections and ashlar. All other repairs were undertaken using lime based restoration mortar.

A programme of cleaning and essential repairs was undertaken to over 90 tombs, constructed from a wide variety of materials. The Bianchi tomb, built of Carrara marble, was extremely dirty and required careful cleaning and subsequent treatment with biocide. The flanking walls were re-built on new foundations and new phosphor bronze railings reproduced to match the original, based on photographs and drawings.

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